My starter dreads

I was Awol for most of last week and it just feels really weird. I had so many things that I wanted to do but didn’t manage to. Almost finished my sewing project but then I didn’t. Started starting my dreads on Tuesday so they are technically a little over a week old now. But then I went back to being sick and I’ve basically spent the last week curled up in bed feeling like crap.

It really sucks that I’ve been feeling not okay for more or less 7 months straight but it’s not much time left now so I’ll be okay. I’m a little disappointed with being so sick but it has been a journey nevertheless.


So back to the dreads. I have always considered dreads to be filthy and disgusting… but since I’ve been sick so much I actually looked into how to make and care for them. You can wash dreads and you want to wash them every now and then. Dirty hair is smelly hair, don’t be that person.

The reason i decided to go on a dread journey is because of my hair. Afros are really pretty but a handful when it comes to care. Dry and brittle so it need a lot of moisture. so I took my afro and started.afro

I decided to start my dreads with two strand twists because it seemed like the easiest way to go about it. Given that I have an afro my hair is very good at naturally locking so I’m not using any products.two strand twist, starter dreads

This is how my hair looked right after I was done twisting it.two strand twist, starter dreads

And this is how I’ve spent most of the days this week. unfortunately I didn’t really put too much energy into my twists since my boyfriend was sleeping and I can’t see the back of my head. My plan was to have him look at it and say if it looked good and then retwist them one at a time. But as mentioned previously my health took a dip and I was unable to.

Current dilemma

My problem right now is that since I didn’t twist them good enough some of them has started to unravel. I’m basically left with the option to retwist or leave it and hope for the best. As a complete dread noob I’m not sure what to do… Funny enough there are not much info on how to care for starter dreads. So right now im considering doing an applecidervinegar rinse and retwisting them. If anyone has any recommendations I’d be really happy!

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