Migrating into a new bullet journal

I’ve spent the entire weekend and beginning of this week moping because I didn’t get any confirmation on my order from Tudos. When I didn’t get that email telling me my order had been shipped I assumed that the things I ordered was sold out. I ordered during a mega sale so alot of things went out of stock really fast.

But guess what I found in the mailbox yesterday? Turns out that the reason I didn’t get an email was that it wasn’t sent as a package. 
My boyfriend wondered what could possibly be in the package to make me so excited. We checked the mailbox on our way to the store and I’m fairly certain that that is the shortest trip to the store we’ve ever had.
This is what was in the package. A 30 pack of Stabilo .88 pens in alot of pretty colors and a leuchtturm 1917 bullet journal edition. So today I have set up my future log and tomorrow I will start on my collections. I will definetly show off my bullet journal when I’m done since it’s something I find very fun to do.

I love to see what other people have done with their bullet journal layouts. If you have a bullet journal I’d love a link to your Instagram if you post journal related stuff! 

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