Bbq in my indoor garden

Today has not been a great day for me. I’ve spent the day feeling nauseous and with a head ache. I’m not complaining though. Even though I’ve been unable to do as much as I wanted it’s been a good day.

I think it’s really important to every now and then take a minute and listen to what our body’s telling us. It’s equally important to take a day to just do nothing but unwind and stop stressing. Do some yoga, meditate, listen to good music or whatever suits you. Everybody’s different and one size does not fit all so do whatever feels best for you!

I have spent the day sitting on the couch watching the work I did yesterday. For me that was a gentle reminder of that it was more than okay for me to have a rest day. Yesterday I did sow all my seeds and replant all my saplings. As seen in the picture all of the saplings looked pretty sad after replanting but now most of them has straightened up.

Tomorrow when I hopefully feel better I will go outside and find some twigs to use as support for them. We might go to the store in which case I will most likely buy those sticks meant for that purpose instead. I’m not saying that there is something wrong with twigs but I’d like to keep the indoor insect count as low as possible.

Thankfully I prepared lunch yesterday so I’ve just been able to enjoy some BBQ tofu without any work. When my boyfriend got home from work he decided to go to bed early so I also didn’t have to cook dinner. I just feel like luck has been on my side today.

I’m also gonna try to start a project tomorrow that hopefully will be done in a few weeks. I’m hoping that it will turn out amazing so that I have something to show you. Wouldn’t it be awful if I spent weeks working on something and it turned into nothing?

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