Let the seed planting begin

Yesterday I meant to write about my trip to the garden store. unfortunately it got really late and while dreaming about all the plants I could be planting I got really cold. So when me and my boyfriend got home we were both hungry and cold. We were supposed to have beetroot burgers for dinner yesterday but I switched dinner with today which was Taco soup.

Some hot soup and a blanket warmed me up a little bit but I still had to take a hot bath to get comfortably warm. The Taco soup is vegan and was really delicious. My taco loving boyfriend thought it was delicious but removed all the corn. Next time I will just add corn to my bowl to spare him the trouble.


I’m Just waiting for the rain to get less heavy so I can go outside and plant my seeds without getting soaked. Trying to plant seed while soaked isn’t very fun. I’m thinking I might be able to move things inside. As long as I’m being careful I could plant in the kitchen. what else is kitchen tables for?

Seeds for planting

These are the seeds I’m going to be planting. Strawberries and Tomatoes for hanging baskets. Mint and some salad. Lately I have been craving strawberries like crazy. I figured it would be more economical to grow my own than buy them all the time. I guess that depending on how many plants grow I may bot be able to fit them all here. If I can’t fit some of them I will have to find new homes for them. The Strawberries and Mint are perennials so they should make someone happy for a long time. Is there anything better than homegrown crops? I certainly don’t think so. The best part is that you can preserve things in so many ways. For example from the strawberries you can make jam or lemonade.

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