The dangers of bullet journaling

I just realized that it’s 5am here. This evening and night I have spent starting on next week’s layout in my bullet journal. I just started out so it’s far from pretty but I enjoy it. It’s fun and provides me with some much needed planning.

The left page is my weekly planner where I write my to do lists and appointments, a watertracker since i drink to little water and a square for the weather. There’s also an empty square in the bottom right of the page for notes (my random brainfarts).

On the page to the right is my mealplanner and I will most likely add some kind of blog/vlog/Instagram planner and something to help me with exercising. Any and all tips is appreciated!

Tomorrow I will have to take my meal plan and turn it into a grocery list for when were going to the store. It’s a bit extra planning now but I think that it will payoff in the week to come. Thankfully I’m using recipes from the book in the background so I just have to tweak a weekly menu. But in the future I will probably go with mealprep. Long live laziness!

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