Stockholm terrorism. Why fear and hate is the wrong response.

What happened in Stockholm?

Yesterday somebody stole a beer truck and drove it down a crowded street, running people over until they finally crashed into a store. Long version can be found here, it was the only non fear mongering source I found. Needless to say it is a horrible thing that has happened and my heart goes out to everyone that was involved one way or another, there themselves or someone they know.

What I feel today.

Today I feel deeply ashamed of people. It’s okay to be scared and to feel like the world is a bad place right now. I understand that it’s a normal reaction and I’m not saying that it’s wrong. What I’m ashamed of is how people instantly start screaming about how the muslims did this and all immigrants are evil. As of now I still haven’t heard any real confirmation on who did it.

I do realise that trying to speak to the people throwing those accusations out there is hopeless. I just wish that people could realise that not all muslim are part of ISIS. ISIS is a muslim extremist group much like the KKK and christianity but no one screams that all christians are part of the KKK or the Westboro Baptist Church.

Why generalizing is bad.

generalizing is a dangerous business. I have previously spoken to ex members of nazi groups and the thing they seem to have in common is a sense of not belonging. In feeling like they didn’t belong they found a group welcoming them and treating them like family. Where do you think young muslims who feels rejected by the world will end up?

So by responding to what happened in Stockholm yesterday with fear and unjustified accusations people are most likely contributing to making the world a less safe place. We need to stand together as one against the bad things in this world. Together we are much stronger than alone.

What do you think, could I be onto something? leave a comment and let me know!

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