Shopping trip in Jönköpig and a Thought for Stockholm

Today I went to Jönköping to buy the fabric for my project. I ended up with a really nice colored jeans fabric and a salmon pink lining. There are still a ton of  stuff I will need to buy but it feels good to have started. When I get home to my house I will have a look at what threads I have so that I know what to order. I will also show the fabrics that I bought when I get back home again.

In addition to buying fabric I met up with an old highschool friend of mine called Kotten. She met me at the train station and then we went for a fika. I’m actually having a midnight fika while writing this but I’m drinking a soda. I Think fika is a very swedish thing. This is what Wikipedia said when I tried looking for the english word.

Fika (Swedish pronunciation: [²fiːka]) is a concept in Swedish (and Finnish) culture with the basic meaning “to have coffee“, often accompanied with pastries, cookies or pie.

I also bought some new pens for my bullet journal while I was in Jönköping and could see how the pens actually looked. I recently started a bullet journal too stay organized. My bullet journal looks really basic and unprofessional but its much better than having notes all over the place and never finding anything when you need it.

The Stockholm terror attack

Today someone stole a truck and drove it through a crowded street in Stockholm. I will never understand why people have to kill each other. It does not matter what color or religion you have, to me everybody are worth the same. Thankfully everyone I know in Stockholm has checked in and said that they are safe. My heart goes out to those that have loved ones that are injured or is no longer with us

One thing that’s important to remember is that they don’t seem to have a clear motive yet so there is no need to make assumptions. Not all killings are done by jihadists. Hate will just bring more hate and if it indeed is ISIS that’s behind this they do not speak for muslims. In times like this we need to stay united. We need to show people who there is still good in this world. Many people opened their homes too those stranded in Stockholm so I know that there is still good in this world. It’s beautiful to see that kind of warmness after something so cold. What do you think is there more goo then bad in the world?

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