Mystery sewing project

This will be my next sewing project.

I drafted the pattern for my next sewing project today and tomorrow I will hopefully buy all the fabric I need. If I can’t find what I need at the store I’ll just have to order it online when I get home. Since im currently away visiting my parents in my home country and travelling home on sunday ordering to this address is not possible.


I got this idea from pinterest. I like to take 5-10 minutes every morning looking at pinterest. So while looking at random pins I stumbled across this guide wich made me think. I have this really unhealthy relationship with bags where they never quite fit me and keeps on hurting me. I usually put way too much stuff in my bag where it does not fit. So I decided to sew a backpack that is designed for the things I usually carry around.

Drafting the pattern

So I started with making a draft for how I want my backpack to look once its done. Then I figured out how big I needed it to be. I did this by putting 3 pieces of A4 paper together with tape. Since I often carry my laptop and notebook with me I then placed those on the papers to see how tall I needed it to be.

I realized that I had neither the right paper for drafting a pattern nor a desk to work on… I Do however have a notebook and a bed and a kitten so I’m good. So this will be my next sewing project, do you have any projects?

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